Next to the Snowmobile track you can enjoy a light snack or warming drink in our cosy mountain bar, “The Old Barn”. It’s an ideal venue for groups or parties of up to 30 people.

The "Old Barn" is also exclusively available for group celebrations (birthdays for example…), up to max. 25 people. Including cold or warm buffet.

Cold and warm Drinks, Snacks:

Drinks without alcohol, like:
Cola, Seven Up, Almdudler ,Red Bull, Soda…

Drinks with alcohol, like::
Beer, shandy, wine, Jägermeister, vodka fig, sour apple, spirits, whiskey, rum…

Hot drinks, like:
Tea, punsch, coffee, cappuccino, hot wine, hot chocolate…

Snacks, like:
Baguette, hot sausage with bread, Landjäger with bread, pizza, chokolate bar, chips, salted peanuts…

Reservations required for groups.
For info and reservations, please call
+ 43 (0) 664 844 4323 or

+43 (0) 6541 / 74 88 32
or: +43 (0) 6541 / 74 88 31
(reachable while the operating times)

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